Co-propagation in The Diffusion of Innovation - Patterns amongst promissory organizations

Master thesis in Business Administration and Finance Management and Organization

Supervisor:   Johan Magnusson

Authors:        Fredric Travaglia    

Andreas Tilgmann

Title: Co-propagation in The Diffusion of Innovation - Patterns amongst promissory organizations

Background and Problem: There are still many unexplored questions around the relationships and interactions between the parties involved in the software industry. The emergence and evolution of the industry analyst firm and its impact on the market is one such issue. It is unclear to which extent the industry analyst firms act in isolation, and to which extent interaction, co-creation and co-propagation form the definitions of the technological concepts.

Purpose:  The purpose of this thesis study is to contribute further to the current research areas of patterns in diffusion of innovation and promissory organizations, by analysing the industry analyst firms proprietary reports over time, through a chosen technological concept.

Limitations:  The impact or relationships between customers, suppliers and the promissory organizations is not analysed as part of the diffusion of innovation process. The empirical material used is exclusively secondary data from three selected industry analyst firms, limited to a specific timeframe and technological concept for the analysis.

Method: The chosen approach for analysis is to combine qualitative deductive content analysis and synthesising content analysis of the proprietary reports from the industry analyst firms. The resulting data set is quantitatively visualized, to allow for triangulation and to identify possible patterns.

Conclusion: The industry analyst firm seems to be affected by the communication and analysis provided for the technological concept by its peer competitors as well as the market. The analysts, individually and as a group, align towards a common definition, as well as towards a similar categorization, of the technological concept.

Within their group, the industry analysts show signs of imitation and translation in the adoption pattern of new innovations, and follow the Rogers' 'Diffusion of Innovation S-curve' when forming the categorizations of a technological concept.

Suggestions for further research:  Investigation of industry analyst interaction by different methods such as interviews and case studies, and application of methods used in this thesis with focus on a different technological concept, is proposed for comparison.

Keywords:  diffusion of innovation co-creation co-propagation industry analyst translation SaaS Cloud IT Technology Gartner, Inc. Forrester Research, Radar Ecosystem Specialists.

Link to the complete thesis as published:  Co-propagation in The Diffusion of Innovation - Patterns amongst promissory organizations